The Goddess and Her Man (Prompt)

Mason stretched out his arm, dangling it over the bridge. “Yes?” he asked, unrepentant. “You’ll do it?”

Nephine fumed. “If you think that is going to convince me-”

One of his fingers left the object and pointed at the sky. The sky gazed sunnily back.

Her eyes twitched. “Insulting my father is not going to help protect yourself from his wrath, when he finds out what you’ve done.”

He lifted a second finger, forming a victory sign. “I doubt old man Zeke’s gonna care about a little dirt, goddess. It’s you who’s got an issue with it.”

“You know how much trouble it is to clear up the waterways! Every day I do my best to look presentable and what do you visitors do? Leave a trail of rubbish wherever you go!”

Mason looked pleased. The little street rat. “Then you don’t want to spend more time picking this up from the depths of your mud, do you?”

Nephine glared, turned her head and huffed. Her luminous blue braid was tossed over her shoulder along with the motion. “As if you mortals could make me do your bidding-”

He opened his palm. The glass bottle met the water with a splash.

Nephine screamed. Her hands gripped the bridge as she gaped at the spoilt, curdled, foul-smelling milk that had begun clouding the lake’s surface. One of her koi fishes nearby made its quick escape.

Mason grinned, holding up the duffel bag he had been hiding behind him. Its insides clinked ominously. “I got more of where that came from, my lady!”

First time participating in a prompt, which seems like a very popular blogging activity and I can definitely see why it’s fun.

Thanks so much for the wonderful photograph by Sue Vincent in her weekly prompt. Yesterday’s post, Eye, can be found here. Check out her blog!


10 thoughts on “The Goddess and Her Man (Prompt)”

    1. Mason’s got a sadistic streak, but he’s definitely learned how to be clever enough to get people to do what he wants after having lived on the streets XD Thank you so much for the follow and favs!

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