Watercolour Forest (Drabble)

The soil beneath his boots was springy, and littered with twigs and fallen leaves. When Noah took a step forward, the rich umber of the ground around his feet seemed to ripple; when he lifted his foot away, a white shoeprint was left behind. Then, the umber rushed back over it, erasing away the shallow imprint, and it was as if the path had never been tread. Continue reading “Watercolour Forest (Drabble)”

Smears and Splatters (Drabble)

His heart trembles and he shakes all over, and his eyes are unfocused and wild. They dart to the box of new paints lying on the floor, the plump tubes fitted perfectly in between the hard plastic bars. The spread of colours stands out to him – an overwhelming selection of bright orange and yellow and blue – and his fingers freeze, unable to choose.

Bile crawls up his throat. He doesn’t know if that’s real Continue reading “Smears and Splatters (Drabble)”

Atë’s Call (Prompt)

“-and here is Athena, guarded by one of her animals, the leopard!”

Rebecca Terrian half-listened to her father’s speech, fingers absently tugging at the straps of her backpack. He had volunteered to guide their class in this field-trip, and as a mythologist Continue reading “Atë’s Call (Prompt)”

Dear Politicians of the Twenty-First Century: Global (Poem)

Dear Politicians of the Twenty-First Century,

I’ve dedicated some haikus to you. You know it’s serious business when someone who’s never written such poetry tries them specifically for you.

the good
fresh faces, tough spines
flowering parched jaded hearts
taking worlds by storm Continue reading “Dear Politicians of the Twenty-First Century: Global (Poem)”

Interracial Dragonhood (Prompt)


Lóng’s serpentine body curled twice around the six knights cowering on the grass. One of them bravely poked the dragon with his sword, but it got trapped between the overlapping layers of scales. Lóng wiggled unhappily until the weapon fell out, making the knight yelp.

Konty,” the dragon whined. “The humans did it again!” Continue reading “Interracial Dragonhood (Prompt)”